Xena said, “There is a mode where the pipes seek neither to conquer the musician nor to be conquered by the musician.”

Gabhopper gave the pipes to Xena. “Please teach me this mystical mode.”

Xena dropped the pipes and crushed them under her boots.

And Gabhopper was enlightened!

If women are always right, how do lesbians win arguments?


Pee Wee Herman is Joxer

Molly Ringwald is Gabrielle.

Ares played by Mr. T (“I’m the god of war, FOOL!”)

Villainess of the Week: Blair, from The Facts of Life

The first season is released on Betamax.

Xena’s warrior boots are replaced by legwarmers.



There is a god whose powers do not reside in an easily stolen object.

Another brother of Xena’s shows up and she already told Gabrielle all about him.

There is a cave nearby and Xena never bothered to store supplies for her army there.

The trajectory of Xena’s chakram becomes indeterminate after the 14th or 15th bounce.

Callisto goes through an entire episode without once being buried under a pile of rocks.

Ruffians attack Xena all at once, not in single file.




Not So CheeriOs

Booted Kix

Apple Jox

Honey Nutbread O’s

Lucky Harms


Cinnamon Death

Meg’s Turning Trix

Ambrosia Bits

Callisto’s Loco Puffs

Cap’n Crunched

Sugar Smacks Upside the Head


O-( User is a Cyclops

(-: User is from New Zealand

:*) User is Meleager

$-) User is Salmoneus

:-[ User is a Bacchae

:-@ “Yiyiyiyiyiyiyi!!!”

:^( Xena used a left hook

:v( Xena used a right cross

:-X User requires a pinch interrogation

<:-) User is Joxer



Stock Chariot Racing



Idiotrod God Sledding

Equestrian Kickboxing

Nude Fishing




Staff Vault

World Cup Sock-her

Sidekick Dragging

Bush Diving

The Running of the Bull Dykes


Xena Perfumes

Eau D’Warrior Sweat

Callisto Obsession


Crucifixion for Women

Intimate Stranger

Death Musk

Julius Caesar Destiny

Daughter of Pomander

Forget Me Not


Joxer Tries To Move On Gabrielle

Jox: “Hey, Gabby, what’s your sign?”

Gab: “Do not Enter”

Jox: “Hey, come on, we’re both here at this bar for the same reason”

Gab: “Yeah! Let’s pick up some chicks!”

Jox: “I know how to please a woman.”

Gab: “Then please leave me alone.”

Jox: “I want to give myself to you.”

Gab: “Sorry, I don’t accept cheap gifts.”

Jox: “I can tell that you want me.”

Gab: “Ohhhh. You’re so right. I want you to leave.”

Jox: “If I could see you naked, I’d die happy.”

Gab: “Yeah, but if I saw you naked, I’d probably die laughing.”

Jox: “Your body is like a temple.”

Gab: “Sorry, there are no services today.”

Jox: “I would go to the end of the world for you.”

Gab: “Yes, but would you stay there?”

Jox: “Your place or mine?”

Gab: “Both. You go to yours and I’ll go to mine.”

Jox: “How do you like your eggs in the morning?”

Gab: “Unfertilized!”


Signs Joxer Should Do His Laundry

It’s February 29 again.

He is discovered unconscious after a sniff test.

Argo maneuvers to stay upwind of him.

He wakes up in the dead of night to find his clothes crawling toward the lake.


Why Xena and Gabrielle Should Get a Tent

Tent stakes can double as throwing weapons.

Joxer won’t be the only one to pitch a tent when Gabrielle prances around the campsite nude.

Xena can say her relationship with Gabrielle is “In Tents”.

“If This Tent’s Wigglin’ Don’t Start Gigglin'”.


Signs Argo is Stalking Gabrielle

Gab finds a knit cap and FOUR bloody gloves.

Every time she turns around Argo puts her head down to eat grass nonchalantly.

Muddy horseshoe prints in Gab’s diary scroll.

When she wakes there’s a human head on the pillow next to her.


Xena Game Shows

Name That Tomb.

Let’s Make A Kill – with your host, Monty Maul.

Truth or Unconsciousness.

The Price is On Your Head.

The 21,000 Dinar Pyramid (Live From Ancient Egypt)

The Joxer’s Wild

The Newly-dead Game

Olympian Family Feud


Reasons Xena Should Command the Enterprise

Starfleet is long overdue for a return to miniskirts and knee-high boots.

Like Kirk famously did, Xena would have a girl on every planet.

Gabrielle would make a good communications officer.

Xena’s prime directive: “Take the planet!”

Joxer would be good as one of those security guys in a red shirt.

“She’s gonna blow Captain!” takes on a whole new meaning.

If they met Apollo on the Planet of Lost Gods, Xena would kick his ass if puts the snatch on her ship.


Signs Gabrielle is President

When asked by reporters if she ever ate henbane-laced nutbread, she says she tried it but didn’t swallow.

She emerges from private “consultations” with Defense Secretary Xena to attend live press conferences sporting a glaring hickey.

The State of the Union speech goes on for six hours.

Xena causes a scandal when Gabrielle can’t produce the missing 18 1/2 scrolls.

The West Wing Staff really is a staff.

You really don’t want to know where the cigars went.


Holy Scriptures of the Goddess of Love

First and Second Mammalonians




Epistle to the Garbanzos

Aphrodite 36 : D



Triple X-odus


Amazon Sex Guidebooks

You Can’t Eat Jenny Craig with Mary Kay on Your Face

You Can’t Have Your Kate & Edith Too

More than You Ever Wanted to Know About Amazon Sexuality & Were Afraid Somebody Would Tell You

War & Piece (of Ass)

How to Make Love (& War) to a Woman


Signs You are a Xenite Motorist

The buttons on your radio are set to:

WRGD–All Glory, All The Time,
WGAB–More ROC, More Talk
WJOX–Evansville’s MIGHTY 101
WXNA–That Spot On Your Dial For Funeral Dirges
WMEG–All 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, all the time.

Your car is named Argo and it has something to do with the super-jumbo gear shift.

When another car wizzes past you on the freeway you utter in your best Xena growl, “Where’s the fire, Hermes?!”

You tell the kids if they don’t quit asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” the car seats will soon be upholstered in human skin.

The first aid kit in the glove box contains a hollow reed for emergencies.

“Don’t you EVER put a door ding in MY chariot again!”

Jan and Dean did a song about you called “Little Old Lady From Potidaea.”

If pursued by highwaymen you know how to modify the carburetion to emit thick white smoke so you can cover your escape from Troy. Michigan.

You have ever used the dipstick as a rapier.

How many Xenas does it take to light a torch?


Q. How many Xenas does it take to light a torch?
A. One to spit hard liquor on it and relight the torch.

Q. How many Herculeses does it take to light a torch?
A. Two, one to sacrifice himself freeing Prometheus from his chains, and the other to light the torch.

Q. How many Gabrielles does it take to light a torch?
A. Two, one to light the torch and the other to write a scroll about it.

Q. How many Joxers does it take to light a torch?
A. Ten, one to light the torch and nine to rebuild the inn after the fire.

Q. How many Callistos does it take to light a torch?
A. One to throw fireballs at the torch.

Q. How many Aphrodites does it take to light a torch?
A. One to wear a teddy so hot the torch lights itself.

Q. How many Najaras does it take to light a torch?
A. One to give the torch three days to convert to the Light.

Q. How many Areses does it take to light a torch?
A. None, he’s already carrying a torch for Xena.

Q. How many Caesars does it take to light a torch?
A. Two, one to light the torch, the other to explain it is the torch’s destiny.

Top 10 Rejected Names for the Show “Xena: Warrior Princess”


10. Xena: Malicious Maiden

9. Xena: Battling Bimbo

8. Xena: Gory Goddess

7. Xena: Villainous Vixen

6. Xena: Barbarienne

5. Xena: Leggy Looter

4. Xena: Guerrilla Goddess

3. Xena: Mercenary Mistress

2. Xena: Badass Lass

1. Xena: Skirts and Skirmishes

Rides at Xenaland


Pirates of the Aegean

Rides of March (First aid station manned by Eli)

Bumper Chariots of War

Amazonland Spinning D-cups

Country Bard Jamboree

Lava Pit Bungee (with Joxer standee captioned “You must be *this* stupid to go on this ride.”)

The Gauntlet

Xenadu Pleasure Dome

Medieval-themed Tommorrowland

Top Ten Sexually Suggestive Lines In Xena: Warrior Princess



Gabrielle: “I have to practice.”
Xena: “Not on my horse.”

Xena: “That’s a nasty gash.”

Xena: “Run me through and I’m yours.”

Xena: “Pull out the shaft.”

Xena: “It’s gonna smell like fish for days.

Gabrielle: “Look! Cherries! I love cherries.”
Draco: “Me too.”
Gabrielle: “Did I mention I’m a widow?”

Xena: “C’mon Gabrielle, lets get wet.

Xena: “That’s my piece of meat you’re reaching for.
Lao Ma: “You’re wrong. I don’t eat meat.

Gabrielle: “Well, listen to my story of Gabrielle. Cute little gal that’s
looking really swell. Perfect hair, such a lovely lass. Nice round breasts and
a firm young…
Xena: “Are you out of your mind?”

Xena: “Either you start filling in some holes, or I start making them.”

Xena Bands


1. Bacchae-Turner Overdrive
2. A Flock of Harpies
3. They Might Be Titans
4. Adaminus Ant
5. Crash Test Joxers
6. The Callisto Method
7. Joxy Music
8. Peter Gabrielle
9. Dahok and the Dominoes
10. Joxette
11. Van Helen
12. Three God Night
13. Chakram Khan
14. Mott the Harpie
16. Mighty Mighty Joxtones
17. Erosmith
18. Crossbows ‘N’ Roses
19. Gabby & the Peacemakers
20. Ugly Kid Jox

Signs You Are An Amphipolis High School Spartan


1. Sister Xena teaches factorials, which she personally invented to make math look exciting.

2. Gum-chewing in class is punished by Sister Gabrielle rapping your knuckles with her staff.

3. Kids who flunk tests are punished by being made to sit in the corner with Joxer’s helmet on.

4. Giant hairy-legged Amazons stuff unpopular girls into their gym locker.

5. The student body newspaper headline reads: “SPARTANS RIB TROJANS 21-7”

6. Sister Minya warns her students not to whip each other with their arts and crafts project.

7. The requirement for passing P.E. is to climb a rope with another girl on your back.

8. Students assigned tp detention are ferried over by Charon.

9. Today’s topic in Horse Shop is high performance oats.

10. Students “worshipping Aphrodite” under the bleachers are becoming a significant problem.



1. Why did Xena cross the road? To expand the buffer zone around Amphipolis.

2. Why Gabrielle did cross the road? She was being dragged by Xena.

3. Why did Velasca cross the road? Gabrielle can’t hide from a gawwwdd!!

4. Why did Callisto cross the road? She didn’t like the look of those rocks hanging over this side.

5. Why did Hades cross the road? He’s in charge of “the other side.”

6. Why did Argo cross the road? The grass is always greener on the other side.

7. Why did Aphrodite cross the road? “Exsqueeze me? The sign said, like, bras were forty percent off, what did you expect?”

8. Why did Meg cross the road? Her pimp told her to work the other side.

9. Why did Julius Caesar cross the road? It was his destiny.

10. Why did the chicken cross the road? Enough with the Joxer jokes already.



(Sung by Joxer the Mighty to the tune of “Takin’ Care of Business” by BTO):

I get up every morning
To Xena’s vocal warning
And take her damn horse to the city
I’m in charge of food and grooming
And it’s really got me fuming
For a warrior it’s quite beneath me
‘Cause if there’s some threat
You sure as heck can bet
That I will come and save the day
If you ever get annoyed
At me the stable boy
Take it up with Xena, okay?
I’ll be takin’ care of Argo, every day
Takin’ care of Argo, every way
Takin’ care of Argo, it gets old
Takin’ care of Argo, in every episode.



1. Would you like to practice a little thrust and parry with me?

2. How about we go back to my place and build a temple to Aphrodite?

3. You’re so delicious you’re going to put ambrosia out of business.

4. What time do you have to be back on Mt. Olympus?

5. You’re what Zeus imagined when he said “Let there be woman.”

6. That leather skirt would look great on my bedroom floor.

7. Do you know how to use that whip?

8. I think in a previous life I was your bath water.

9. Pinch me. I’m dreaming. …. OK, OK, take it off now.

10. “I left Tartarus, but never thought I’d find paradise!”

11. Why dont you come over here, sit on my lap, and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up.

12. Miss, if you’ve lost your virginity, can I have the package it came in?



Xena: “Wait, I don’t know if you’re real or not.”
Gabrielle: “You don’t know if I’m real? This is my dream, I’m the only one who is real.”
Xena: “Tell me something about you I don’t know.”
Gabrielle: “How is that going to prove anything?”
Xena: “Morpheus can guess anything I know. Tell me something about you I don’t know.”
Gabrielle: “Very well … alright … nobody but my mother knows this, I had six toes on my right foot when I was born. Don’t look! It’s gone now.”
Xena: “It must be you. Yeah, it must be you.”

Do you realize, though, that had Gabrielle been born in Medieval times with a sixth toe that she would have been considered a witch and possibly burned alive for it? The things people used to do to each other in the name of religion (and, in some countries still do…).

Perhaps that statement applies to Gabrielle’s time and her parents had it removed for that reason.

Today people with six toes, the Hexadactylous (Hex`a*dac”tyl*ous, a. [Gr. ; six + finger: cf. F. hexadactyle.] (Zool.) Having six fingers or toes.) are increasingly tolerated by society. While there are still some increasingly discredited ex-six toes organizations like Hexodus International, recently great strides have been made. Since the ground-breaking 1995 episode “Dreamworker”  where Gabrielle revealed her sixth toe, the hexadactylous have been elected to Congress, and some have even been ordained as Southern Baptist pastors.



Gab won’t shave
That scratchy fuzz
She should worry
Lao Ma does
Chakram Shave!

Xena hasn’t
Treated Gab right
If Gab would shave
Then Xena might
Chakram Shave!

She played the flute
Had no B.O.
But her legs scratched
Xena let her go
Chakram Shave!

Does your lady
Grunt and grumble
Rant and rave?
Tame that bull with
Chakram Shave!

Unless your legs
Are stinger free
You’d better let
Your Honey be
Chakram Shave!

Gabby your skin
Keep it fitter
Or you won’t be
Xena’s sitter
Chakram Shave!

With Gab’s sleek legs
Pressed close to hers
Jeepers creepers
How Xena purrs
Chakram Shave!

Amazons buy it
Then apply it
Then advise
Their friends to try it
Chakram Shave!

In Cupid’s little
Bag of trix
Here’s the one
That clix with chix
Chakram Shave!

xenaMy first Xena episode was “Dreamworker”, which was actually the third episode of the new series. It aired in the week of Sept 18, 1995. I caught it through random channel-flipping (sort of the same way I found the L Word!). I had no idea a series about Xena existed, although I was familiar with the character from two episodes of Hercules that I had seen earlier in the year, one when she was evil and another when she was good. I missed the middle Herc ep of the Xena trilogy, “The Gauntlet”, where she made the conversion.

It turns out that having “Dreamworker” as my first episode was a fortuitous accident, because the earlier two shows “Sins of the Past” and “Chariots of War” (viewed for the first time somewhat later in reruns) seemed to be a little wobbly in retrospect. In “Dreamworker” we watch Xena come to terms with the dark side of herself, and form an integrated whole with the light side holding the reins, which gives her the strength-tempered-by-wisdom to triumph. Instantly I was hooked on the character of Xena…I cared about her, and I wanted to see what happened to her next.

Gabrielle happened to her next. Naturally the lesbian angle, handed with a lot of winking and nudging, didn’t hurt the show one dang bit. The whole bar scene in the 90’s was a lot of after-softball brewskies and Xena tapes rolling on the projection TV.

Like many television series, the first two seasons were a little shaky as everyone found their footing. Seasons three, four, and five were awesome. It should have ended there, because the show “jumped the shark” when Xena and Gabrielle came back from the dead after being crucified. That was almost as bad as Pam Ewing dreaming a whole season of Dallas. I hate it when they kill a character off and then just bring them back from the dead. People don’t come back from the dead. Death is defined as the irreversible cessation of life.

Xena was turned into an assassin of the Olympian gods on behalf of Eli, which is the name the writers used for Jesus so they wouldn’t offend anyone in Jesusland who were tuned in to see the lesbian stuff.

Okay! By the middle of the sixth season I just didn’t care anymore.



  1. Troy Story
  2. Happy Killmore
  3. Citizen Slain
  4. Good Morning Venus Mons
  5. Mrs. Spoutfire
  6. Lyre, Lyre
  7. This Island Lesbos
  8. The Color Black & Blue
  9. The Warrior Princess’ Bride
  10. The Were-Bitch Project
  11. Bard of the Rings
  12. 2001BC: A Thrace Odyssey
  13. Spartaship Troopers
  14. The X&G-Files
  15. Willy Wonka & the Chakram Factory
  16. Wag the God
  17. B*A*S*H*
  18. Pretty Roman
  19. I Know What You Did Last Solstice
  20. Xenadu


1. Opening theme music is Dueling Banjos. a4ab43d6f6b4df8569bf9b5967df3463

2. After a major character dies and Xena sings her Burial Dirge one of the Amazons yells, “Hey Xena, do Freebird!”

3. When Xena is crucified she has Achy-Breaky Legs.

4. Xena says, “You Yankees know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna kill y’all!”

5. Instead of “Your Lordship Ares,” Xena calls him “Cuz.”

6. Gabrielle wears Bilious Green Daisy Dukes.

7. Sequel episode to “Chariots of War” titled “Dead Chariots in the Front Yard”

8. A warlord tries to draw and quarter Xena with four tractors.

9.  Argo’s side is painted with the Confederate Battle Flag.


Milestones in Xena and Gabrielle’s Childhood

Age 5

GAB: First time crossing the street without holding mom’s hand

XENA: First time extending the buffer zone around Amphipolis without holding mom’s hand

Age 8

GAB: First mastery of jump rope

XENA: First mastery of horse whip

Age 10

GAB: First time playing “Doctor”

XENA: First time making a hole in a boy’s neck with a hollow reed playing “Doctor”

Age 12

GAB: First training bra

XENA: First training breastplate

Age 14

GAB: First ear piercing

XENA: First ear piercing (it was a bully’s ear, with Xena’s dagger)


Gabby Road

Gabby Road

  1. I Want To Slice Off Your Hand
  2. I Am The Warrior (goo-goo-goo-joob)
  3. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Sidekick
  4. Caesar, You’re A Dead Man
  5. Lucy (Lawless) In the Sky with Demons.
  6. A Bard Day’s Night
  7. Joxwell’s Silverware Armor
  8. Strawberry Blonde Elysian Fields Forever
  9. Gabby It’s You
  10. Twist, Kick, And Shout
  11. Gabby You Can Drive My Chariot
  12. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Flying Parchment Thing
  13. While My Lyre Gently Weeps
  14. Parchment Scroll Writer
  15. Joxer On The Hill



1. She’s too butch and refused to wear tights.

2. She insisted on cluttering up the Bat Cave with supplies for her army.

3. She thought the Batmobile stick shift was her own personal saddlehorn.

4. Batman was injured when Xena told him her breast dagger was a Bat Crotch Dagger.

5. Batman got jealous when she seduced Catwoman.

6. She fed Batman some of Joxer’s famous Radish Bat Stew

7. She killed the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler, threatening to work Batman out of a job.

8. She got addicted to going down the Bat Pole.

9. Too many snickers at her cover story of being “Melinda Pappas,” Bruce Wayne’s mild-mannered live-in masseuse.

10. She refused to call her chakram the “Bat Chakram.”

Top Ten Things You Hear Upon Awakening After Attacking Xena

1. Xena says, “It was a real nasty bruise, I had to amputate.”surgery

2. Xena wraps the blood pressure cuff around your neck and says, “Did you sleep well Mr., or should I say, Miss Ruffian?”

3. Gabrielle says, “Waitaminute Xena, if that is his spleen what’s this?” and Xena replies, “I don’t know what it is but pack it in ice anyway.”

4. Xena says, “Look at it this way, now your highest note is ‘Ti.'”

5. Xena says, “Whatdja say? Who’s on the other bedroll you ask? Actually that’s also you.”

6. Xena says, “Hey Gabby, unzip the body parchment on that one, he’s still moving.”

7. Xena says, “I’m sorry, I had to give you a local anaesthetic, can’t get the imported stuff.”

8. Gabrielle says, “Did you know he would look like that afterward Xena?”

9. You’ve always wanted to give your heart to Xena, but you didn’t mean it literally.

10. You realize that Xena is using you as a live version of a Milton Bradley game (“Remove Wrenched Ankle!”).


  • You’ll need the following: a cup of water, a cup of sugar, four large brown eggs, two as23cups of dried fruit, a teaspoon of salt, a cup of brown sugar, lemon juice, nuts, and a bag of henbane.
  • Sample the henbane to check for quality.
  • Take a large bowl. Check the henbane again. Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar and beat again.
  • Make sure the henbane is still okay.
  • Cry another tup. Beat two leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. If the fired druit gets stuck in the beaterers, pry them loose with a drewscriver.
  • Sample the henbane to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt. Or something. Who cares?
  • Check the henbane. Now sift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Spoon. Of sugar or something. Whatever you can find.
  • Grease the oven. Turn the cake tin to 350 degrees. Don’t forget to throw the bowl out of the window. Check the henbane again and go to bed.


1. Xena says, “You kids these days don’t know how good you got it with your newfangled store-boughten shields. Back in my day we had to catch incoming arrows by hand!”

2. Gabrielle must convince Xena to control her anger and not exact vengeance on the neighborhood kids for walking on her lawn.

3. Xena says, “When I was younger we didn’t have these newfangled compact dinar coin thingamajigs. We couldn’t keep our money in our pockets, we kept it in a pen in the backyard. And our money oinked!”

4. Xena says, “What the Tartarus is that you’re playing on the lyre? You call that music? That ain’t music. It’s noise!”

5. Xena says, “When I was a little girl the nearest school was five leagues away. We walked there barefoot in the snow uphill both ways. And when we heard the monster lecture, we literally heard the monster lecture!”

6. Xena says, “Back in my day there wasn’t any of these newfangled public baths. Our hot tubs could only seat two. Hee hee!”

7. When ruffians attack, Xena blocks their sword thrusts with her walker.

8. Xena says, “Eve, when I was your age we didn’t have our water just delivered to us with modern aqueducts. When we got thirsty we had to go out and dig our own wells. Sometimes all we got was moist sand, so we’d shovel it in our mouths and suck on it. And no one ever complained!”

9. Argo goes 5 MPH below the speed limit and her left tail signal is always waving.

10. Xena says, “Twenty-five years ago no one could afford to buy a bronze sword. We’d just fight by banging sticks together and yelling, ‘Clang! Clang!’”


Xena: How stay you so slim eating food of this amount?

Gabby: Because I walk. You ride the horse.

Xena: Nice, you must be.

Gabby: I’m sorry.

Xena: No, improve or improve not, there is no sorry.

Gabby: I just wanted to become a great warrior princess like you!

Xena: A great warrior princess? Oh! Heh heh! Oh! Heh heh. Wars not make one great!

Gabby: But that’s why I left my boring life in Potidaea. I wanted adventure!

Xena: Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh! A bard craves not these things!

Gabby: But even Joxer wants to become a warrior.

Xena: A long time have I watched Joxer. Always he has looked away, to the skies. Never his eyes on where he was walking? Hmm? What he was doing? Hmmm! Clumsy he is!

Gabby: Then you’re saying we should tell Joxer not to follow us anymore.

Xena: For many years have I trained bards in the ways of the Horse! Joxer we need not.

Gabby: I’d hate to be the one to tell Meg.

Xena: Is Meg stronger than me? No. Easier. Quicker. More seductive.

Gabby: How did she end up looking exactly like you anyhow?

Xena: Always in motion, history and mythology and the laws of genetics.

Hera fumed when she learned the scroll she was holding over Zeus’ head had been stolen from her safe deposit box.

Aphrodite kept Ares busy so Hercules could escape from his temple without being detected.

Cupid bought Daphne’s engagement ring back after learning she pawned it because she is broke.

Eros guessed that Discord, who is not feeling well, may be pregnant. Psyche, who was to elope with Eros, ran off after Discord revealed she and Eros had made love.

Artemis was wounded after she fended off Nemesis, who was after the gold talisman Hades gave her.

Hermes could not dissuade Clotho, who quit the Fates because she can no longer work with Atropos.

Apollo comforted Hestia, who was devastated that Poseidon wants to continue living with Themis.

Hephaestus fumed when Aphrodite refused to marry him until things are right with Hera. Soon after that someone killed Hera’s peacock, then sent the dead bird to her with a note that said, “Happy now?”

After Mnemosyne was attacked a second time, Pan checked on Morpheus, whom he thinks is the culprit. Pan searched Morpheus’ room for a toga Mnemosyne said got torn when she struggled with her shrouded attacker.

Achilles went to Troy after Themis suggested that was where Paris was holding Helen captive.

Ares decided to pit Hercules against Zeus as part of his plot to oust Zeus as King of the Gods.

Tantalus was stunned when his long-lost daughter, Niobe, returned to claim her share of the family ambrosia.



Here’s the story, of a Warrior Princess,

Who expanded her home town’s buffer zone.

She traversed all the land with Joxer

But somehow she felt so all alone.

‘Til this one day when the Princess met her Gabby

And they knew it was much more than a hunch,

That these three must somehow form a family,

That’s the way they became the Xena Bunch!


Ruby: Why was Callisto always so easy to defeat?

Xena: You can’t teach a new god old tricks.

Ruby: When Gabrielle came back from the dead did she look any different?

Xena: Absence makes the head grow blonder.

Ruby: Someone heard you say Gabrielle could burn water.

Xena: I didn’t mean it. Never judge a cook by her lover.

Ruby: What’s the most important thing for a woman to know when serving in an army?

Xena: “Mess with the men” means share dining facilities.

Ruby: What happened to that ten thousand dinars?

Xena: I have many bills.

Ruby: How many times have you died and come back?

Xena: I have many wills.

Ruby: Does Gabrielle ever run out of pens?

Xena: She has many quills.

Ruby: Your teeth are astonishingly perfect.

Xena: I have many fills.

Ruby: Was the Tonight Show thing your first equestrian accident?

Xena: I have many spills.

Ruby: What comes with the job as Warrior Princess?

Xena: I have many frills.

Ruby: I understand you really like pickles.

Xena: I have many dills.

Ruby: Why does Gabrielle talk so much?

Xena: She takes many pills.

Ruby: Of course, many of your fans are women.

Xena: I have many Jills.

Ruby: I notice there are a lot of windows in your house.

Xena: I have many sills.

Ruby: I see you have a large collection of pepper grinders.

Xena: Yes, would you like to see them?


  1. I don’t care WHAT Gabrielle does. If she jumped into hot lava would you do it too?
  2. You want to catch pneumonia? Put some leg warmers on!Furies08
  3. Stop picking at your battle wounds and let them heal!
  4. Stop making that icy warrioress stare, your face will freeze that way!
  5. Don’t drink straight from the milk cow!
  6. I hope you have kids who are bloodthirsty world conquerors just like yourself!
  7. I swear that Far Talking Thing is glued to your ear.
  8. Are you actually wearing a skirt? It looks more like a belt!!
  9. Don’t run with that sword – You’ll put your eye out!
  10. Take that chakram out of your brother’s chest right now!



Poor grades punished by sitting in the corner with Joxer’s helmet on.

Student body newspaper: “SPARTANS RIB TROJANS 21-7”

To pass PE kids climb a rope with another kid on their back.

Students in detention are ferried over by Charon.


Gabby: I just invented a bar of soap six feet long.

Joxer: How do you lift it to lather yourself?

Gabrielle: I don’t. It’s an exact likeness of Xena. I just lay on it and slide up and down.

Xena: There are lots of thing more important than money.

Salmoneus: I’ll buy that.

Joxer: How did Gabby feel last night?

Xena: As much as ever!

Joxer: I got a real kick out of kissing Gabby last night.

Amarice: Any more than usual?

Joxer: Yeah, Xena caught me!

Joxer: What, in your opinion, is the height of stupidity?

Xena: How tall are you?

Gabrielle: Joxer is twice as dumb as I.

Xena: You mean, ‘Joxer is twice as dumb as me’

Gabrielle: He’s twice as dumb as both of us.

Joxer: Gabby is breathtaking!

Xena: Yeah, every few hours she stops talking and takes a breath.

Gabrielle: How do you like bathing beauties?

Joxer: I don’t know, I never bathed one.

Gabrielle: ::GASP!:: Where’s your swimsuit?

Xena: I don’t need one Gabby, it’s not that kind of dive!

Gabrielle: Do you prefer talkative women or the other kind?

Joxer: What other kind?

Xena: You’ve got acute appendicitis.

Gabrielle: Don’t get fresh. I asked what was wrong with me.

Gabrielle: Knock knock

Xena: For crying out loud, Gabrielle, we’re sleeping outdoors.

Gabrielle: I think your problem is that you’re afraid of girls.

Joxer: I’m not afraid of girls, I can lick any girl I ever met.

Gabrielle: You should get a girl who likes to do the things you do.

Joxer: What would I want with a girl who likes to whistle at other girls?

Gabrielle: Every time I take Joxer’s pulse it gets faster! What do I do?

Xena: Blindfold him.

Joxer: Can you give me something for my head?

Xena: I wouldn’t take it as a gift.

Meg: Joxer asked me to marry him and I said, ‘Yes!’

Gabrielle: Then I’d say you hit the jerkpot.

Gabrielle: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Xena: Enough with the Joxer jokes already.

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