I imported the raw data from my RSS newsreader (newsboat) into Vim, whipped it into a readable format (that’s some advanced Vim Jedi stuff there), then used Perl to sort the lines by size. This effectively randomizes my feed, but by going from biggest toots to smallest I’m seeing the ones people took time to write.

Monitor a #Mastodon instance in the terminal:

rsstail -al -i 60 -u

I already use the newsboat rss client to catch up on what my tooters are tooting, but now with openrss I can monitor hashtags also.

Convert Mastodon’s CSV list of the Tooters you follow to an RSS feed list:

cat following_accounts.csv | sed 's/,/ /g' | awk -F'@' '{print "https://@" $2 "/@" $1 ".rss"}' | awk {'print $1 $4'}

Follow your tweeps who also toot with the greatest of ease:


Mastodon in the terminal under Python:

pip3 install toot

And off you go! Bird Farm never had this.

The trick is to reverse the username and Fediverse server in a spreadsheet before adding them as URLS for your RSS feed reader.

All my followers from Mastodon imported as RSS feeds so I can read them in newsboat