On June 24, 1947, a U.S. Marine C-46 transport plane crashed on the northwest side of Mount Rainier in Washington State, and when word got around, a private pilot named Kenneth Arnold volunteered to aid with the search. While he was circling the mountain he spotted a cluster of nine brightly glowing meteors rushing past his plane toward the massive, remote bulk of Mt. Adams to the south.

Since they were pieces of a meteoric fireball in the process of breaking up, they seemed to be flying in formation, so Arnold assumed they were aircraft, and he naturally interpreted their brightness to be the sun glinting off of polished aluminum. The pieces were tumbling, and this made them hop up and down in the air stream. Back on the ground, Arnold told reporters they flew “like a saucer skipping over water.”

This was the very first UFO sighting, and it sparked a national obsession with “flying saucers” that bordered on mass hysteria. Suddenly there were many more sightings. Some were ordinary mistakes but most were outright copycat hoaxes. An important point that is often missed is how Arnold’s description of the actions of his nine meteors skipping like saucers somehow got garbled into the shape of the objects being like saucers, and once that got locked into the public’s mind, all UFOs suddenly began to look like saucers.  This is a classic case of mass hysteria.   A similar thing happened two thousand years ago when after the crucifixion somebody saw someone who looked a little bit like Jesus.

On July 7, 1947 there was a top secret Air Force project called “Mogul” resembling a weather balloon, designed to fly high in the stratosphere with instruments to listen for possible Soviet atomic blasts. The idea was that a balloon traveled with the wind and didn’t need power, so it could circle the globe and be retrieved when it returned to the US. Unfortunately, winds are unpredictable, so Mogul crashed on a farm near Roswell, New Mexico.

Quickly tasked to conceal the existence of Mogul, the first thing that came to mind was the big national flying saucer craze, so the Air Force made an official announcement that it had recovered the wreckage of a flying saucer. The press went nuts, and the Air Force bureaucracy gradually realized it had made a huge mistake. On July 8 they went on the radio and retracted the flying saucer claim, and said it naw, it was really just a weather balloon they had picked up. Americans were less cynical in those days, so the military successfully covered up the cover-up. And that was the last anyone heard of it, until three things happened that took away America’s virginity and put an end to the days when her leaders were looked up to and trusted implicitly.

The first was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, which sparked a poisonous conspiracy mindset that only seemed to be validated by later events, like the Tet Offensive in 1968, when people realized with shock that the government had lied to them and victory in the Vietnam War was actually nowhere in sight, plus the cover-ups and incredible abuses of power of the Nixon Administration in the Watergate affair.

It was only after this vast attitude shift occurred that people looked back and read ominous things into the comedy of errors that took place at the beginning of the UFO era. Alien bases were imagined to exist in the four corners area of the SW United States. An entire alphabet soup of imaginary government agencies were cooked up who supposedly controlled all information on the alien presence, and even the information that these agencies existed was, conveniently, also classified top secret. There were supposed to be projects to recover downed flying saucers and other projects to overhaul and test-fly recovered flying saucers. And the very lack of evidence for any of these claims was put forth as proof that a conspiracy to hide the truth existed and was banging on all six cylinders.

In the fall of 1977 and again in the spring of 1982 Steven Spielberg made a pair of movies with “good” aliens and “bad” federal agencies that tapped into the new mythology and made enormous amounts of money, but in reality there never was any coordinated government plan to respond to alien contact.  But like any other religion, true UFO believers are immune to facts.


1. ALIEN BASES exist in the four corners area of the US southwest.
2. COUNTRY CLUB is the secret facility for MJ-12 in Maryland.
3. DELTA is the MAJI arm tasked with security for all these projects.
4. EXCALIBUR is a weapon to destroy the alien underground bases.
5. MAJI means Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence.
6. MAJIC is the security classification for all MAJI-connected files.
7. MJ-12 is the group controlling all information on the alien presence.
8. POUNCE is the project to recover all downed alien craft.
9. REDLIGHT is the project to test-fly POUNCE-recovered alien craft.
10. SNOWBIRD is the cover for REDLIGHT using conventional technology.


1. ALTAR CALL is the procedure by which personnel are designated for RAPTURE
2. JESUIT agents have infiltrated most congregations of designated personnel
3. MARK OF THE BEAST is the bar code required on all products by the WHORE OF BABYLON
4. MARYOLATRY is the ROMANIST practice of worshiping the mother of Jesus
5. MILLENNIUM is the one-thousand year period of total pacification planned for the Earth
6. RAPTURE is the rapid evacuation of designated personnel prior to the TRIBULATION
7. ROMANISM is the theology of the WHORE OF BABYLON
8. SOLA SCRIPTURA is the principle of disseminating future operations by written orders rather than word of mouth
9. TRIBULATION is a seven year period of hostilities planned to subdue the Earth
10. WHORE OF BABYLON is the One World Church described in Revelation as a woman who rides a beast.