Authentic Star Trek moments that look like memes on the next LinuxGal

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Tonight, I learned that William Shatner’s toupee on Star Trek is the reason my mom went to beauty school.








  • I AM BARNEY OF BORG: I love you. You love me. We’re a happy Borg entity.
  • I AM KHAN OF BORG: From hell’s heart I assimilate thee…!
  • I AM LEIA OF BORG. I’d rather assimilate a Wookie!
  • WE ARE PINK FLOYD OF BORG: We don’t need no assimilation. All in all, were all just Borgs in the wall.
  • I AM ANDY ROONEY OF BORG: Ever wonder why resistance is futile?
  • I AM FOGHORN OF BORG. Boy, I said, boy… prepare to be assimilated.
  • I AM POPE FRANCIS OF BORG: You are irreverent!
  • I AM ROCKNE OF BORG: Go out there and assimilate one for the Gipper!
  • I AM JAGGER OF BORG: I can’t get no assimilation.
  • I AM VADER OF BORG: You will be assimilated. The Collective has foreseen it. Resistance is futile. It is your destiny.
  • I AM FRANK SINATRA OF BORG: Your way is irrelevant. You will be assimilated my way.
  • I AM BARACK OBAMA OF BORG: If you like your current health care plan that is irrelevant!
  • I AM PORKY PIG OF BORG: Prepare to be asi..assimm…You will be abbadi abbadi you’re-Ble-Ir-El-Ir-You will be assim…assim…turned into a robot!
  • I AM DAFFY DUCK OF BORG: You – You – Yooourrrr’e Irrelevant!
  • I AM ELMER FUDD OF BORG: Wesistance is wusewess. huhuhuhuhuhuhut!
  • I AM KIRK OF BORG: Prepare…to…be…belay that mister! YOU! WILL! BE! Assimilated! Wait! This is the wrong generation!
  • I AM MR. T OF BORG: I pity da fool that resists me! You gonna be assimilated, sucka!
  • I AM MR. ROGERS OF BORG: It’s a beautiful day in the Collective. Can you say assimilate, boys and girls?
  • I AM MADONNA OF BORG: Justify my assimilation.
  • I AM BART SIMPSON OF BORG: Prepare To Eat My Shorts, Man.
  • I AM ROSS PEROT OF BORG: Resistance? Now that’s just sad.
  • I AM BILL CLINTON OF BORG: I feel your pain and it is irrelevant. Prepare to be… say, that’s a tight skirt, baby.
  • I AM MACLEOD OF THE COLLECTIVE MACLEOD: Resistance is futile! Prepare to be assimilated! There can be only one Collective!
  • I AM YOSEMITE SAM OF BORG: Resistance is rackafrackin FUTILE, pardner! Prepare to be assimilated, ya varmit! And when Ah say assimilate, Ah mean ASSIMILATE!
  • I AM AYN RAND OF BORG: Resistance is anti-mind, anti-reason, and anti-Borg.
  • I AM ROCKY OF BORG: Yo! Prepare to be, uh, you know, assimilated.
  • I AM OJ OF BORG: The bloody glove is irrelevant.
  • I AM MONTGOMERY BURNS OF BORG: Smithers, prepare to assimilate that clumsy human up there.
  • I AM C-3PO OF BORG: I am fluent in over 6 million forms of assimilation.
  • I AM SNIFFLES OF BORG: Prepare to be assimilated, what does assimilated mean, why am i wearing all this black leather, why do I have this red laser coming out of my eye, why do I hear voices in my head, well are you ready for assimilation, no one’s told me what assimilation means yet, I dont know if this stuff will fit on you, you’re alot bigger than i am, i dont think it will fit on you, so are you ready for assimilation yet?